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Hartford University School is committed to nurturing dynamic, well rounded, socially aware scholars.  Hartford emphasizes experiential academics, and foster’s 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.


The vision of Hartford University School is to be the top K8 college preparatory school within the Milwaukee Public School System.  Hartford University School staff strives to provide students the opportunity to soar towards college and beyond.  They achieve these goals by providing rigorous academic opportunities and standards, while encouraging students to immerse themselves in the Arts and extracurricular activities.

Hartford provides unique advantages by allowing students to grow outside the classroom through participation in Athletics, Arts and Academic teams.  Hartford University School offers amazing opportunities such as the Spring Musical, Mad Hot Ballroom, a multitude of sports teams, musical lessons and the national SCRIPPS spelling bee.  Hartford’s connection to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee also provides a unique experience of education well beyond the classroom walls.

Hartford University School 3 Pillars:

The staff and community of Hartford University School are committed to providing high quality, rigorous instruction that will allow our students to reach their highest potential.

  3. ARTS


Hartford University School is committed to developing scholars:  college bound young adults who view themselves as critical thinkers, welcome challenges, and possess strong intellectual skills.  Many of Hartford’s 2012 – 2013 graduating class went on to competitive public and private high schools, including Rufus King High School, Riverside University High School, and Ronald Reagan High School.

We achieve this through:

  • Strong community partnerships with neighbors such as the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
  • Location on the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus allows students to explore and become acquainted with the college experience at an early age.
  • Strong partnership with the UWM Children’s Center to provide K4 and K5 instruction.
  • Hartford student participation in the SCRIPPS Spelling Bee.
  • Collaboration with Sam’s Hope Literacy Foundation and the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • On-going programming with the Urban Ecology Center for grades K-6.
  • Skilled and dedicated teachers.


Hartford University School provides a wealth of opportunity for students to participate in athletics.  For example Hartford University School offers:

  • A dance program during school hours, with instruction from local dance professionals.
  • The “Mad Hot Ballroom”, sponsored by Danceworks.  A dance and tap competition held each year.
  • Up to 17 sports for students to participate in, including Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Softball, and more.


Hartford University School understands that the arts offer a powerful way for students to acknowledge global issues, different cultures, multiple perspectives and places.  Despite recent school system-wide budget cuts, Hartford has maintained two full-time Arts teachers.

  • Students work with local Artists in Residence, such as Reginald Baylor.
  • Hartford University School is a program site with the nationally accredited ACE (Arts in Community Education) program.  This nationally acclaimed program enhances students’ education through the integration of music and art into the school curriculum.
  • Implements a part of SHARP,  (Students Historical Arts Resource Program), in the classrooms.
  • Students in grades 4-8 have an opportunity to participate in a full musical production.
  • Hartford continues to offer a wide variety of musical programs to its students such as strings, drum-line, hand drums, band, piano, chorus and glee club.


We hope to see you soon!

Hartford University School

2227 E Hartford Ave.   Milwaukee, WI 53211

Located in the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus

Phone:   414-906-4700              Fax:  414-906-4715